The Bio Ring 

How Does It Work?

The BioRing utilizes three sensors – 3-axis accelerometer, bio-impedance and optical HR sensor give you an unique insight into your body and diet.


When you eat, your food consists of primarily carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Carbs are broken down into glucose, which is transported into your cells with the help of insulin.

When glucose enters your cells, your cells’ glucose levels will elevate meanwhile your cells’ water levels will reduce. The bio-impedance sensor measures these changes of fluid levels in your cells by sending electric signals with high and low frequencies, and reading the resistance from the tissues.

The sensor also measures how long your glucose level stays inflated and how long it takes to drop back to normal – also known as your glucose curve. Fats and proteins affect your glucose curve by flattening it. All readings obtained from the bio – impedance sensor are sent to the app where our proprietary algorithm will calculate your calorie intake, glucose curve and give you a macro-nutrient breakdown of your food.