Scientists and physicist at CERN and the problem with antimatter.
CERN is capable of producing antimatter, and had been doing so under its Alpha project. The problem is holding on to antimatter. long enough to study it The moment antimatter and matter touch that cancel each other out. So firstly a magnetic system was designed so yhe antimatter could be held in place without touching it. Then, how do you test some thing if you are unable to touch it? Well the answer is you fire lasers at it.

Matter and antimatter where produced in equal amount during the start of the universe, in the big bang. But, lucky for us, there is not much antimatter left. Flying around you bedroom, putting holes in your favourite homework.

Prof. Hangst and the Alpha team. Have managed to produce a antihydrogen, trap it, and observe the effects of shining different wavelengths of light.

So far results show that antihydrogen reacts in the same way that hydrogen does. When exposed to certain frequencies of light from a laser.

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