ArcheAge, made by XL Games. Is a role playing game. Players development a character, and interact with other characters as any other online game such as Warrant. The difference is that ArcheAge was released first as a Beta game. With players agreeing that the data on their character would be deleted at the end of the Beta testing. As players knew the time and date of the end of the virtual world. This gave researchers a chance to study human behaviour as Armageddon approached. In a virtual scenario.

 In ArcheAge, players are able to build houses, have parties, earn and spend money, kill and advance through guilds.

Researchers analysed around 270,000,000 records of player’s data.

The out come was surprising. With only a small percentage resorting to a virtual rampage and killing spree. As the clock ticked down.

The majority of players taking the time left to become more social. 

“They talk more, they hang out more,” says team member Jeremy Blackburn at Telefonica Research in Barcelona, Spain.“

People don’t really go off the deep end, they just stop worrying about the future,” says Blackburn.

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